Maintenance Announcement | System Update on Wednesday, May 1st From 1 pm JST

April 30, 2024
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To all neem players, below you will find information about the maintenance that we will be conducting tomorrow.

■Maintenance Schedule
・Wednesday, May 1st from 1 pm to 5 pm JST

■About the Maintenance
・Adds a feature where areas can be purchased for a monthly fee
 (You will be able to remove area usage restrictions based on the excess use of data transfer)
・Adds additional publish settings for areas
 In addition to the current Public and Private options, Owner Only and Password Protected settings will be added

*During the maintenance period, users will not be able to play neem.
We recommend that you save any maps you are editing before the scheduled maintenance date and time.

*After the maintenance finishes, the application will update upon entering an area, so please update the application by following the instructions that appear on your screen.

We apologize for the last minute notice and for any inconvenience this may cause to those who are currently playing neem. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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