Maintenance Finished | System Update on Wednesday, May 1st From 1:00 to 3:30 pm JST

May 1, 2024
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To all neem players, maintenance that started at 1 pm today was completed at 3:30 pm JST.

When entering a map after maintenance has completed, the application will need to be updated.
Follow along with the update prompt that appears on your screen to update the application.

Additionally, with this update, the Terms of Service have been updated.
Please check the updated Terms of Service before use.

■About the Maintenance
・Adds a feature where areas can be purchased for a monthly fee
 (You will be able to remove area usage restrictions based on the excess use of data transfer)
・Adds additional publish settings for areas
 In addition to the current Public and Private options, Owner Only and Password Protected settings will be added

■Changes to How Areas are Created
・An update as to how areas are created has been made.
 Detailed information on this and publishing setting will be provided in another article.

  1. Select My Areas from the header navigation at the top left of the screen
  2. Select New Area
  3. A list of area slots will display. Click the Create button to the right of the area slot you’d like to use
  4. Enter a name and path for your area
  5. With this, initial setup for you new area is completed so head on into the editor

We thank you for your continued support of neem.

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