Important Notice Regarding the Official neem Release and neem Test Version Data

February 19, 2024

To all neem users,

We thank you all of you who have played neem while in its alpha and beta test versions.

It has been a bit of a wait, but we are finally closing in on the official release of neem.

When the official service is released, there will be a update that includes major changes to neem.

We will release an announcement soon regarding the release schedule for the official neem release.
Keep an eye out for the announcement via the neem email magazine or news article.


■Important Notice About the neem Beta Version Data
・When the official neem service releases, all data will be reset.
 This means all data created using the beta version of neem will be deleted, so we ask you for you understanding.

▽What Will Be Carried Over Into the Official Release
・neem Accounts
(Accounts that were deleted during the neem test versions will be able to re-register using the same email address after the official version of neem is released.)

▽What Won’t Be Carried Over Into the Official Release
・Areas you’ve created
・em points
・Your inventory (placeable objects, avatar items, Flowl seeds)

■Area Showcase Campaign!
・Want us to feature your area in our official blog?
 Let us know your area’s URL using the email address below or message us on X (Twitter).
 ・X (Twitter): (Japanese Twitter account)
 We can’t wait to see all the incredible areas you all create.


We hope you are looking forward to the official neem release, but until then, enjoy the beta!

neem Management