Information on the 3/19 Maintenance Start Time and the Content of the Update

March 19, 2024

To all neem players, the maintenance scheduled for 1 pm JST today has been postponed until 7 pm JST.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

In this update, the automated area creation feature that we’ve have been announcing for some time will finally be added to neem!

Mefee (pronounced as moo-fee) are creatures that can be summoned using a special material called meta.
(We will be sending all neem users meta during today’s maintenance.)


The yellow Mefee, known as Arno, will plant plants around the area you summon them to.

Mefee planting plants around area

Plants will grow over time and then create new meta.
Depending on the type of plant that grows, it will eventually wither away.
We hope you enjoy experiencing the cycle of nature in neem!

Meta appearing near a plant

[Note Regarding Meta]
The new item meta is consumed when summoning Mefee.
As the plants planted by Mefee grow, clumps of meta will gradually form near the plants.
By picking it up, you can obtain additional meta.
*If you run out of things to plant, you will no longer be able to obtain meta.
You will also be unable to summon Mefee
to plant more plants.
Please be careful when deleting maps and deleting plants in the area editor.

■Maintenance Schedule
・Tuesday, March 19th from 7 pm JST

■About the Maintenance
・Adds more automated area creation features
・Adds a photo mode and a feature that lets players set the pictures they take in photo mode as their area thumbnail
・Updates the tag/category settings for areas and shops and the search functionality
・Adds updates for shop features
・Adds updates for the bad word filter
・Adds updates for the official area Central

*During the maintenance period, users will not be able to play neem.
We recommend that you save any maps you are editing before the scheduled maintenance date and time.

*After the maintenance finishes, the application will update upon entering an area, so please update the application by following the instructions that appear on your screen.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to those who are currently playing neem but ask for your understanding and cooperation.

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